Sunday, 1 January 2017

Netflix announces much-awaited offline feature 

We've always pursued new and better forms of entertainment as citizens of the Internet. There have been various sites to satisfy our movie and TV watching needs as well. We've even made specific accessories to help us watch media better like the phone cover cum holder that keeps the phone in an upright position which allows us to watch our screens while lying down. HTC accessories are useful here, as HTC phones usually have big screens for comfortable viewing. 

And now, we have more good news regarding our favourite movies and TV shows. The ultimate streaming site for popular productions, Netflix has announced that it is now allowing TV and movie downloads for subscribers. All the content will now be available to download and watch online. Movie buffs and binge watchers can celebrate as the option is provided with the latest update. You'll need iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.2 or higher to avail this feature though.

You need to update your app to get started with saving media content. After doing that, click the Download Now button in the title page and on the Netflix menu. There are only some select titles available for download at the moment. Fortunately, its big name programming is included like Orange is the New Black and Narcos. For easy access, you can get a compiled list of all downloadable media by tapping the Available for Download button. 

Users can get TV shows on an episode basis. You can choose what quality you'd prefer to download. The standard option would give you files that take up less space, but have moderate quality. Higher quality would give you HD resolution shows and movies. Incidentally, Canadian residents can make use of the aforementioned accessories through HTC accessories

After your program has been saved, you can watch it anytime under the My Downloads tab even if you're not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Remember that both streaming and downloading burns through roughly the same amount of data, so downloading could be more useful. Unfortunately, Android only lets you save to internal storage and not your SD card. 

The good news is you can clear up space by deleting watched content using the Edit and delete option in My Downloads. T Mobile customers already have it lucky as the Binge On option allows them stream nonstop Netflix without massive data usage. This puts all users on a par with them so if you have any phone malfunctioning, and particularly in the media friendly HTC, HTC phone repair is the way to go.

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